A dangerous drug that's common to southern states has turned up in Hancock County, according to the Ellsworth Police Department.

The Ellsworth American reports Ellsworth police charged a Mount Desert Island man this week with possession of alpha-PHP, which goes by the street name 'Flakka.' 33-year-old Ryan Miller of Southwest Harbor is charged with possession of a schedule W drug, which he was allegedly found with in the Walgreen's parking lot on August 30th.

Miller and two others were charged for various offenses that night, but the drug charge wasn't filed until now because police were unfamiliar with the brown, powdery substance that resembles heroin. Police eventually sent it to the Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory in Augusta, and learned earlier this month that it's known as 'flakka.' Miller is due in court next month.

The drug is a dangerous form of bath salts that can cause paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks. It can also cause something experts call 'excited delirium,' which includes extreme agitation and violent behavior.

The EA reports Florida has had a flurry of 'flakka' issues, including one incident where a man impaled himself while trying to jump a 10-foot security fence at the Fort Lauderdale police station. He told authorities he needed to be thrown in jail because he thought he was being chased by people who wanted to kill him.

Ellsworth police are concerned, in part, because the drug sells for as little as $5 a dose in Florida, where it's sometimes referred to as '$5 insanity.' The video is of a report by CBS news, with an expert talking about what the drug is, and how it affects users, and has a clip of a person on flakka, trying to break into a police station.