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Celtics, Bruins Lose Road Games [VIDEO]
Both the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics lost tough late season road games last night and that means both teams have more work to do down the stretch if they want to finish first in their conference.
Drive Poll – trades in the NFL’s Bizarro world
With the craziness of rumors and 'reports' I feel obligated to say this isn't out there anywhere and is 100% fictional. We simply posed the question on yesterday's show. Now, with the warnings out of the way, let's jump on the crazy train for a second. Hypothet...
Remembering The Bears Of 25 Years Ago [VIDEO]
25 years ago on this day, April 3rd, Maine was in a state of sports euphoria. The University of Maine hockey team won the NCAA national championship in dramatic come-from-behind fashion at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

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