The first major brawl of the MLB season got underway on Sunday night between two teams that have a history of theatrics with one another.

Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays was hit by a pitch and then slide in hard to second base against Roughned Odor for the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers second baseman took exception to the slide by pushing and then punching the American League All-Star in the face.  Odor got a clean right hook in on Bautista before teammates could separate the two.

Benches had cleared earlier in the contest as batters had been hit on both sides leading up to the fray.  The incident was the culmination of an off-season of stewing once Jose Bautista launched his infamous bat flip against the Rangers in the post-season last October.

Both men were ejected from the game and the MLB is expected to drop a suspension on Odor and Bautista for their involvement.