It's been 7 days since Maggie Rudnicki recieved her bone marrow transplant from her brother Lucas, and for the family, it has to feel like a life time.

According to her mom Lauren

Miss Maggie had another rough night. Fever of 102 all night and a lot of throwing up because of all the sores/mucus in her throat. She is such a trooper and even when she is tired and weak she fights the nurses which I am happy to see. You keep fighting Maggie! She is current getting another bag of platelets and maybe blood later. Can't believe today makes a week since her transplant and 3 weeks since we came to Boston!

So much has happened. Yesterday Maggie lost her hair and really, as expected hasn't been feeling well. Mom and Maggie were visited today by Patriot Joe Andruzzi, and Lauren was able to try on his Super Bowl Ring!

We have asked you to submit your picture of you, or your family holding up a sign, a message of support, to let Maggie know that we are all part of Team Maggie! We have had some great submissions! We're putting all the pictures up on the website. If you want to see all the pictures, or submit your own, CLICK HERE or you can just email me a photo at

We have had so many people asking how they can help Maggie and her family with the medical expenses and travel. You can make a donation, and send it to People's United Bank Attention Diane Smith PO Box 925, Bangor ME 04402. Checks should be made out to Maggie Rudnicki. You can get all that information by CLICKING HERE

Thanks to Channels 5 and the CW and Fox 22 and Channel 7 for filming stories today on Team Maggie! I know Lauren, Andy and the entire extended Rudnicki family are heartened by your notes, pictures, donations and prayers.

And speaking of prayers, they work. Please continue to pray for Maggie, Mom, Dad, and the entire family that they have the strength to persevere, for healing, and for health in the future.


6 PM Update From Mom Lauren

Just have to share that Maggie is sitting up in bed talking to me, playing on her iPad and even giggled a few times! After the past few days I can't tell you how happy it makes me just to see her smiling and hear her laugh!