It's time to pick the sports Tool of the Week and this time it comes down to a Boston Bruins team that laid an egg on the last day of the season or golfer Ernie Els who laid an egg on the first hole of the Masters.

Why the B's should get your vote: All they had to do was beat the lowly Ottawa Senators to get into the playoffs but somehow they gave up six unanswered goals and lost 6-1. Two consecutive seasons of not winning on the last day and missing the playoffs. Maybe next year, guys?

Why Ernie Els should get your vote: On the very first hole of the Masters he putted seven times from two feet away and took a nine on the par 4. He finished the round with an 80 and missed the cut. Maybe take a little more time, Ernie?

You make the call...the Bruins or Ernie Els? Tool of the Week!