It would be too easy to make Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval the tool of the week for his playing condition that might have cost him his starting job. Instead, the nomination goes to his agent, Rick Thurman.

After getting the news that Travis Shaw won the third base job and his client would be on the bench, Thurman actually tweeted this, 'If you want to win, why leave a Ferrari in the garage?' Sandoval...a Ferrari? What a tool.

The second Tool of the Week nomination is former Arizona Cardinals linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. After signing a new deal with the Atlanta Falcons, Weatherspoon was in the process of cleaning out his house and getting ready to move to Atlanta. That's when he found a game check from last season that he forgot to cash - a $147,000 game check! What a tool.

So the choice is up to you...Vote Panda Bear's agent or vote Sean Weatherspoon.

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