The Boston Red Sox are 10-6 leading the American League East Division by two games over Tampa Bay.

Toronto and Baltimore at 7 and 9 are both 3 games back, and then the Yankees are all the way in last place with the worst record in the American League at 5-10 and a 5 game losing streak.

So are the Red Sox the best team in the division, or is that record inflated by a 9 game winning streak and the two hot weeks for Boston?

Al Nahigian of Couch Guy Sports tries to see if there is a middle ground when it comes to the Red Sox start to the season.

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox Game 1
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No matter your stance on if they are truly the best in the division, or they are playing over their heads, Boston is winning, so what is the reason for it? The offense, the pitching, both?

Al gives us some insight in to that.

And we also find out about some social media issues too.

Listen to it all again here.

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The Morning Line Podcast

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