It's the first day of deer hunting, but we're going to talk about bear hunting, more specifically the proposed referendum seeking to ban Maine's traditional methods of bear hunting. Get ready for some angry listeners.

Part 1: Before we get to the upcoming bear referendum, let's spend a little time on deer hunting. Today is Youth Day, the start of Maine's deer hunting season. Lt. Keith Adam of the Maine Warden's Service gives young (and old) hunters some sound advice.

Part 2: Katie Hansberry, Maine State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, explains why Maine voters should ban trapping, baiting and hounding. She calls those practices "inhumane and unsporting" and the "lazy man's way to hunt."

Part 3: Colorado, Oregon and Washington have already banned bear trapping, baiting and hounding. Is Maine comprable to these states? Katie Hansberry explains why "fair chase" hunting is workable in Maine.

Part 4: George Smith, former executive director of the Sportsmen's Alliance of Maine, has some of his own thoughts on bear hunting in Maine. In 2004, he rasied $1.7 million to defeat a similar referendum in Maine. Hear what he has to say about another run at the ballot box.

Part 5: Baiting is the big issue, according to George Smith. Smith said the state acutally needs more hunters to control the bear population.

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