This week, we're going to meet a few wise, old birds from the Eastern Maine Sportsmen's Show. Plus, we'll touch base with another old bird, storyteller and former game warden John Ford.

Part 1: The owls always attract a crowd at the Eastern Maine Sportsmen's Show. Grayson Richmond of Birdsacre in Ellsworth introduces us to a Saw-whet owl. They're cute, but not if you're a mouse.

Part 2: When Grayson takes out his Barred Owl, of course, it poops. Plus, we find out why they don't have yellow eyes like most other owls.

Part 3: How do you know when an injured owl is ready to release?

Part 4: Great Horned Owls are big, but they're a lot more than that! We'll meet an owl who had a rough childhood, as it were, and Grayson will tell us how he was saved.

Part 5: Storyteller and former warden John Ford from Waldo County has many, many stories. Here's one about ... you guessed it ... an owl!