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Town of the Day Coming Down to the Wire
After reaching over 30,000 people on Facebook and receiving north of 3,800 votes, as of 5:45 p.m. on Thursday. the Town of the Day championship match-up between Greenville and Bucksport sat at 50.1%-49.9% in favor of the latter.
Tom Brady's House Is For Sale
It would be the ultimate Patriot souvenir. You could live in Tom Brady's house. But before you get too excited, Tom (and Gisele - sorry guys!) would be moving out, so you wouldn't be hanging with TB12. And it would cost you A LOT more than a replica jersey.
Broncos Vs Cougars On 92.9 The Ticket
#2 meets #3 with a chance to move up to #1. That's the storyline tonight when the Hampden Broncos host the Mt. Blue Cougars. Live coverage of Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket starts at 7pm.

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