Week 12 in the NFL saw the New England Patriots move one step closer to NFL purgatory with a 20-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals. At 5-6, sure, some Pats fans will try to tell you the team is still "in it," but let's not lose sight of the fact New England has just a 12% chance to make the playoffs and currently would pick 14th overall if the NFL Draft was tomorrow.

Then there's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who many wanted to give the Lombardi Trophy before the season began. I'll own up to being swept up by the hype. I thought before the season that Tampa Bay would make it all the way to...Tampa Bay...for Super Bowl 55.

Now, they still might. At 7-5, Tampa would be in the playoffs but the team is trending in the wrong direction. Tom Brady has lost 3-straight home games for the first time in his career and is throwing interceptions at a record-rate. Bug-eyed Bruce Arians refuses to change his ways and seemingly doesn't want to accept any of the responsibility for the team's struggles and would rather pin the blame on Brady.

That brings us to today's drive poll. Which team has disappointed more in 2020 through the first 12 weeks? Brady's old team, or his new squad?

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