After all the upsets, all the buzzer beaters, all the come-from-behind victories, only one team is left smiling when March Madness is all done.

Everyone else's season ends in defeat and the agony of that, of course, is well known. In fact, it's positively soul crushing.

Don't believe it? Watch this compilation of teams suffering, as the video touts, "heartbreak & tears from the NCAA Tournament." Yes, it's all here. Big schools, like Texas. Little schools, like Northern Iowa. Band members. Coaches. Heck, even Xavier superfan Bill Murray makes a cameo in his most dramatic role since Lost in Translation.

While some of the players may never put on the uniform again, at least fans can take some solace in knowing that there's always another season just a few short months away. Hopefully, that can take away some of the sting of these brutal season-ending losses.

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