It's been a strange couple of days in Patriots Nation following the Pats' 4th-straight loss on Sunday. Bill Belichick appears to have suddenly shifted from his no excuses, no days off narrative which he's employed for the last two decades, to suddenly giving honest, albeit slightly misleading answers.

In his Monday appearance on WEEI, Belichick said the Patriots "sold out" over the last five years to win championships. According to Bill, that's why the team finds itself in a pinch this year, as there's a limited amount of salary cap space to work with as past debts come due.

He's certainly right on the fact that from 2014-'18, the team was "all in" every season and made four trips to the Super Bowl while winning three and playing in the AFC Championship in what one would consider the "down year."

But the salary cap that Bill is trying to lean on tells a different story.

Ben Volin of The Boston Globe joined The Drive on Tuesday to explain how, despite Bill's claims, the Patriots have actually under-spent in seven of the last 10 seasons, and that maybe there's a different area where Bill is to blame for this year's shortcomings.


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