Yes there are 120 games remaining and tonight the Boston Red Sox open a three game series against that team right behind them in the standings, Toronto, but after the first quarter of the season the Red Sox are up by a game and a half on the Blue Jays.

Gabrielle Starr thinks there are a number of reasons for Boston to have that lead, but one of them might be the most overlooked on the roster if not in all of baseball.

We talk about the remarkably comparable stats of Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez and how they are impacting the Red Sox this year with the host of the Locked_On Red Sox podcast.

Gabrielle from Girl at the Game also thinks there is another bat in the lineup that is coming to life and that could lead to more big things for Boston, find out who that is by listening back to our conversation again.

The Morning Line Podcast
The Morning Line Podcast

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