It's time for the big boats now! Bob boards the catamaran Atlanticat for an interesting perspective of the Maine coast thanks to whale watch naturalist Zack Klyver.

Part 1: Where does Bar Harbor get its name? Zack knows. How many islands are off the coast of Maine? Zack knows. Turns out, he knows just about everything about the Maine coast.

Part 2: We have just about every type of shark off the Maine coast, but what's the most common?

Part 3: Now it's time for puffins on Petit Manan. Zack knows all about those, too.

Part 4: Why are puffin numbers down this year? More than 100,000 may birds may have been lost.

Part 5: Where should you sit when you go on a whale watch? When is the best time to go? Get the inside scoop from Zack.