The fate or rural Maine is in the balance, and Bob explores whether there is a future for tourism beyond lobstersn and lighthouses. Plus, he saves what could be his worst idea ever for the end of the show!

Part 1: George Smith, the former, longtime director of the Sportsmen's Alliance of Maine, knows the ins and outs of rural Maine, and he explains why Lubec is the "finest kind of place."

Part 2: If George Smith were king, what would he do? Plenty, he says.

Part 3: How do out-of-staters see rural, northern Maine? Beleive it or not, they are taking notice, according to Carolanne Ouellette of the Maine Office of Tourism.

Part 4: Sporting camps still hold a great allure for tourists. But is there a future for rural, inland tourism?

Part 5: Okay, now for the shocking ending: Bob visits the Orono Bog Boardwalk, and he's working without a net. Listen and let Bob know how you liked this rather unusual segment.