Want to buy your own Island in Maine? There are 20 Islands listed for sale at Privateislandsonline.com. Here are 5 of them.

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    Ram Island

    Ram Island is a non developed Island located at the Mouth of Machias Bay, available for $200,000. The island rises to a height of 60 feet - the height of a six story building! The tide rises and falls 18 feet, creating an ever-changing shoreline. Beautiful long stone beaches appear, soak up the sun for a few hours and then are gradually covered over again. The cycle repeats endlessly. The weather is temperate and allows the island to be enjoyed from mid April to the end of October.

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    Foster Island

    Available for $1.65 million Foster Island is a 300+ acre island in Harrington (near Millbridge) that offers a variety of landscapes for the adventurer to enjoy. Access to the Island from the main land is about a twenty-minute boat ride from the Millbridge Town landing to the pier on the southeast side of the Island located in a protected cove.

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    Narrows Island

    Available for just $298,000 Narrows Island is hidden in the heart of Washington County. Narrows Island is uniquely situated in a firth connecting two beautiful sprawling lakes. Ideal for fishing, boating and sailing, Gardner and Second Lakes are two of the state's most picturesque sporting destinations.

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    Brown Island

    Privately owned five acre island gem is located 60 miles Northeast  of Bangor, on the pristine and forever wild Nicataous Lake and is for sale for $565,000. The family style compound includes a main house with a master bedroom, bathroom, living room with a fieldstone fireplace, and a large deck overlooking the beach.

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    Two Mile Island

    Two Mile Island is available for $349,000 and is located in Moosehead Lake. It is literally 2 miles by boat from several landing areas, and 12 miles from the town of Greenville. When first built circa 1945, it was known as "Wheat's Island Camps" and was a year-round hunting and fishing lodge. Much of that vintage charm has been retained while modern amenities are also now installed. (Generator, running water, solar electric, etc.)

    Two Mile Island Photo privateislandsonline.com