Maine is the only state that allows bears to be hunted with bait, dogs and traps. If the Humane Society of the United States gets its way, Maine will the only state that doesn't allow any of it.

Part 1: The gloves are coming off in this edtiion of Wild Maine. Ten years after the last bear baiting refrendendum, opponents are back and looking to ban more than baiting. Tenley Bennett, a Maine guide from Eagle Lake, gives us a hunter's perspective.

Part 2: What would your chances be of bagging a bear without traps, dogs or bait? Bennett gives you the odds, and she says they aren't good.

Part 3: Bear hunting is the busiest season for Barb and Wayne Plummer at the Northern Pride Lodge in Kokadjo. Barb talks about getting her first bear and how to best prepare the meat.

Part 4: How rare is it to see a bear if you're not hunting for one? Barb Plummer has been in Kokadjo for 13 years. Guess show many bears she's seen by chance?

Part 5: How do we control the bear population without the current means of hunting? That's one of several questions Barb Plummer has for bear-hunting opponents. Hear her other questions.