Tim Throckmorton was looking at the 60 point game for Jayson Tatum against San Antonio April 30th, and how he is the second player in Celtics history to score 60 in a game (Larry Bird).

But there are other 60 point nights with ties to Celtics players current or past.

He has three stories of them and the challenge is to figure out which one he made up out of thin air.

Was it Pete Maravich in 1977 against the Knicks for the New Orleans Jazz when he went for 68 on 26 of 43 shooting?

Was it Bill Walton in 1976 against Atlanta when he only missed 5 shots in the game and made 20 free throws to put 61 on the board for the Portland Trail Blazers?

Or could it have been the night Kemba Walker gave 60 points to the Philadelphia 76ers while he was with Charlotte and made all of his foul shots and 6 three pointers four nights after scoring just 7 points against Cleveland?

So you have to figure out which one of these three games is not real and made up by Tim Throckmorton when it comes to big nights in the NBA.


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