Part three of "Tom vs. Time," the Tom Brady documentary being released in 15-minutes segments on Facebook's video platform, Facebook Watch, focuses on "The Social Game."

The latest video, released Tuesday, begins with footage of Brady training at Montana's Yellowstone Club along with teammates Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

The three train vigorously on a field at the private residential club northwest of Yellowstone National Park, with Brady launching passes to his two receivers.

"It builds, you know, special relationships because you're doing things that, how do you build trust? How do you build real love and caring for one another?"

Foul language is apparently part of the process of building real love and caring, as Brady and Edelman engaged in an expletive-filled exchange after Edelman's effort did not meet Brady's expectations.

"That was lazy. That don't win championships," Brady said.

"I want to see you (expletive) get out here and start running," Edelman replied.

The quarterback responded by saying "It's not my (expletive) job, man." And Brady was right, it's not.

Part three isn't all hard work and colorful language, as it shows the friendships Brady has built with his receivers.

The three make time for mountain biking, off-road vehicles and outdoor golf and a golf simulator.

In one scene, Edelman, using the golf simulator as Super Bowl LI plays on a flat screen in the same room, tells Brady he has good news and bad news.

Brady asks for the bad news first. Edelman then holds up Brady's busted club and says "Looks like you need a new driver."

Edelman then points to the golf club at the TV and says "The good news is we won the Super Bowl."

The final two segments of "Tom vs. Time" will be released Thursday and Super Bowl Sunday.

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