This week in our battle for the Tool of the Week we have two nominees that lost their cool over the past week.

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has always attracted media attention since his days with Manchester United, but evidently he’s had enough of it.  Ronaldo took offense to being hounded by a local media member before a Euro 2016 match last week and took the reporter’s microphone and threw it into a nearby river.  Those wireless mics aren’t cheap Cristiano!

NASCAR Truck Drivers John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher made national news after they decided to resort to fisticuffs to settle a crash dispute.  The fight was more akin to a slow-dance than a boxing match between these two until Townley added a few shots in at the end.  These guys get the nomination for resorting to violence and putting up one of the worst racing fights in history.

So we ask you the question for this week: is Cristiano Ronaldo ruining a reporter’s microphone or these two NASCAR Truck Drivers who came to blows the more deserving winner of the Tool of the Week?  Make your pick now!