Bill Belichick has made 15 first-round selections over his years as head coach of the New England Patriots. Mark took a look back to see how each pick has worked out.


2018: RB, Sony Michel; #31st. Grade – B.

2015: DT, Malcolm Brown; #32nd. Grade – B.

2012: DE, Chandler Jones; #21st. Grade – A.

2011: T, Nate Solder; #17th. Grade – B.

2010: S, Devin McCourty; #27th. Grade – A.

2008: LB, Jerod May; #10th. Grade – A.

2005: G, Logan Mankins; #32nd. Grade – A.

2004: DT, Vince Wilfork; #21st. Grade – A.

2003: DT, Ty Warren; #13th. Grade – B.

2001: DE, Richard Seymour; #6th. Grade – A.


2007: S, Brandon Meriweather; #24th. Grade – C.

2002: TE, Daniel Graham; #21st. Grade – C.


2018: T, Isaiah Wynn; #23rd. Grade – D.

2014: DE, Dominique Easley; #29th. Grade – D.

2006: RB, Laurence Maroney; #21st. Grade – D.

*Result: Based on the standard GPA scale, Bill Belichick has a 2.87 1st Round grade*

*The Patriots’ 2019 1st round draft pick N’Keal Harry received an ‘incomplete’*

*The Patriots have not had a 1st round pick five times during Belichick’s reign (2000, ’09, ’13, ’16-’17)*

*By decade: Belichick’s grade from 2000-’09 was a 3.0, while his grade from 2010-’19 was a 2.71.*

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