Last week, Bob Duchesne took you on a wild ride with some sled dogs at Nahmakanta Lake Camps in the Katahdin region of Maine.

Part 1: Listen to Bob as he talks with Don and Angel Hibbs, the owners of Nahmakanta Lake Camps, about their sled dogs, which Don calls their "extremely hyperactive children."

Part 2: Bob heads to Brownville to talk with Terry Knowles,  an organizer of the Greenville-to-Brownville 100-Mile Wilderness Sled Dog Race.Terry answers the question, "Is it dog sled racing or sled dog racing?"

Part 3: Dan Pelletier, a professional guide, tells Bob about the time he and his dog team met up with a moose in the Maine woods.

Part 4: Mark DesMeules, the executive director of Viles Arboretum in Augusta talks about how sled dog events bring a variety of people to the facility.