The winner of our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge will be decided Monday night, and just two contestants remain in contention ahead of the national championship game.

ShawnReilly, the team currently in first place, has 42 points with a potential score of 43. ShawnReilly predicted that Michigan will win the national championship, and since this is the only team to reach 42 points ahead of the national championship game, ShawnReilly will win the bracket contest if Michigan defeats Villanova.

Chippewa, echapman04 and SoxNation are tied for second place with 41 points.

Chippewa can't gain an additional point because Chippewa predicted that North Carolina and Duke would meet in the title game, but both teams have already been eliminated.

Townsquare Media Bangor
Townsquare Media Bangor

Echapman04 picked Michigan to win the tournament and has a potential score of 42 points, but if the Wolverines win, ShawnReilly will also gain a point, giving ShawnReilly a score of 43.

The only team that can beat ShawnReilly is SoxNation, who picked Villanova to win the national championship. If the Wildcats win, ShawnReilly and SoxNation will be tied at 42.

Each team in the bracket challenge predicted the total score of the title game. That prediction will serve as the tie-breaker. ShawnReilly picked a total score of 98, while SoxNation went with 138.

If the total score is 118, both ShawnReilly and SoxNation will be off by 20 points, thus we'll head to the second tie-breaker: a coin flip. If it does come down to a coin toss, Dale Duff will do the honors live on Tuesday's Morning Pitch.

Remember, the team with the top score wins a Napoleon TravelQ 285 Portable Gas Grill with a carrying case courtesy of Granville Stone & Hearth.

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