It's been a wild ride for the Boston Celtics since last Wednesday's NBA Draft. Let's recap what has happened:

- Celtics drafted Aaron Nesmith (#14 overall) and Payton Pritchard (#26 overall).

- Gordon Hayward signed a 4yr/$120mil deal with the Charlotte Hornets.

- Celtics traded Enes Kanter as part of a 3-team deal to the Portland Trailblazers for two future 2nd round picks.

- Celtics traded Vincent Poirier to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a future 2nd round pick.

- Celtics signed Tristan Thompson to a 2yr/$19mil deal.

- Celtics signed Jeff Teague to a 1-year contract.

So, with all that in the rear-view mirror, how do you feel about the Celtics compared to what you had hoped the front office would accomplish this off-season?

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