Poll #1 - The New England Patriots handed a week one victory to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday as situational football proved to be the Pats' downfall.

An inability to punch the ball into the end zone on red zone possessions, coupled with a costly fumble from Damien Harris allowed the Dolphins to fly back to South Beach with the one point victory and a season-opening win.

But there's no denying Mac Jones looked and played like the real deal under center for the Pats, completing 29-of-39 passes for 281 yards and a TD.

So would you rather lose an early season contest but feel good about your QB moving forward? Or would you rather have the W despite persisting questions about the play of your team's most crucial player, as is the case with Miami?

Poll #2 - If you could hop in a time machine and return to your youth to play any of the sports you participated in throughout your school years, which would you pick to play again?

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