If I told you that when you wake up tomorrow, you could be the equivalent of LeBron James in the NBA, Patrick Mahomes in the NFL, or Conor McGregor in the UFC, and that all you had to do was choose which sport you wanted to be the face of, which do you pick?

For two decades, the question of Boston's Best Athlete hasn't even been a question. Maybe the most diehard Red Sox fans would've cast a vote for David Ortiz during that stretch, but the overwhelming majority would've said Tom Brady without giving it a second's thought.

Now, that question is not so easy to answer. Jayson Tatum jumps to the front of the line, but is his place in the NBA's hierarchy higher or lower than David Pastrnak's? Xander Bogaerts is no doubt one of the game's best shortstops, but what's it worth being the face of a team not many are excited about five weeks before the season?

As we sit here on February 23, who is Boston's brightest star?

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