Last week, we asked "are the Celtics a lost cause?" To which 81.8% said yes. We defined a "lost cause" as a team that either wouldn't make the playoffs, or would make the postseason and be the betting underdog in the first round match-up.

Now, the Celtics are a game worse than they were last week and under-.500 at 21-22, 8th place in the Eastern Conference. The New York Knicks, the biggest dumpster fire in the NBA over the last five seasons, are ahead of them in the standings.

With Boston closer to last-place Detroit (12-30) than they are to first-place Philadelphia (30-13) some tough questions need to be asked. Including, possibly acknowledging that...*gulp*...Kyrie Irving may have been right?

Over the weekend, Brad Stevens doubled down saying he was flattered by the response, but not interested in the vacant Indiana HC job, saying, "I'm a Masshole. I swerve, I eat Dunkin' Donuts and I root for the Patriots." (He even has a son named Brady). But with Boston's season-long struggles and failure to live up to expectations, should Stevens be tempted by the opportunity to return to his native-state and by a program back to its former glory?

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