For 62 weeks The Morning Line has rolled out Prop Bets for the listeners to compete against Bryan Stackpole. This is our last round of it for now, and in this version of it, the Listeners are going to win the Playoffs/Restart edition of the Prop Bets, and with only a 5 game overall margin, the size of Stack's lead can be cut even further this week.

You can vote on our questions on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we'll have the results Monday on The Morning Line.

Prop Bets == 11/20/2020
1 – Which will be higher? The number of total tackles for Kyle Dugger against Houston or The number of goals scored in the 7 MLS playoff games this weekend?
Kyle Dugger Tackles –
MLS Goals – Bryan’s Pick

2 – Which will be higher? The rushing attempts of D’Andre Swift of the Detroit Lions Sunday at Carolina or points scored on field goals in the Cincinnati at Washington NFL game Sunday?
D’Andre Swift Carries –
Field Goals – Bryan’s Pick

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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3 – Which will be higher? The margin of victory between #4 Clemson and Florida State or The number of receiving yards for Damiere Byrd of the Patriots?
Clem/FSU margin –
Byrd receiving yards – Bryan’s Pick

4 – Which will be higher? The length of the longest field goal kicked in the Denver/Miami game or points scored by #21 Liberty against NC State Saturday?
Den/Mia FG – Bryan’s Pick
Liberty points –

FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl - Liberty v Georgia Southern
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