The 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Olympics have come to a close. Two weeks of highlights and heartbreak encapsulated us for the fortnight. As with the end of every Olympiad, it's now time for reaction and reflection.

While the United States didn't finish on top of the medal standings, the country's athletes had a very successful campaign. Fortunately for us here in Maine, a number of those athletes competed while representing both the red, white and blue, as well as the Pine Tree State.

Five athletes from Maine, or with significant ties to the state, competed for the greatest honor in their respected sports.

Clare Egan competed in her second and last Olympics in the greatest sport in the world, biathlon. Former UMaine track teammates Frank Del Duca and James Reed, now USA teammates, competed together in bobsled. Sophia Laukli made her Olympic debut on the cross-country ski tracks. And Emily Sweeney competed valiantly in luge for the second consecutive Olympic Games.

Below is a closer look at the Maine fives' results. It's a mix of veteran success and youthful promise. Mainers can feel proud knowing these five represented the state to the highest degree, at the highest level. I'm already looking forward to seeing at least a few of these athletes back for the 2026 Olympic Games in Italy.

To those athletes who will be hanging up the shoes for the final time, congrats for your amazing careers, and thank you for representing us so positively.

Maine's Olympians Compete Admirably at Beijing 2022

The Beijing Olympic Games have come to a close. There were many highlights and performances to remember.

Maine was lucky enough to have five athletes with direct connections to the state.

Here is a look at how those athletes fared at Beijing 2022.

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