Stephen Gostkowski may soon be getting some competition for field goals with the New England Patriots.

New England has reportedly invited ‘trick shot’ kicker Josh Gable to Pats mini-camp to see if he might be able to latch on with the team.  Gable played for the Indoor Football League with the Nebraska Danger, and also was part of the inaugural season of the Spring League, an independent developmental league.

The kicker did not play college football, instead he went overseas to Italy and Belgium to pursue a pro career in soccer.  Gable is 26 years of age and has an impressive selection of kicks including hitting multiple 60 yard field goals, and making a kick with a spinning football.

Gostkowski is currently the kicker for the Pats and is the team’s all-time leading scorer.  The kicker will be owed $2.7 million in 2017 and the team has one year left in the deal that they can opt out of after the season.

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