Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox
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The listeners of The Morning Line have a 1 game advantage over Stack heading in to our 5th week since sports restarted in the US.

Take a look at these matchups, and cast your vote on our Facebook or our Twitter page.

Prop Bets == 9/3/2020
1 – Which will be higher? Jayson Tatum’s game 4 points or The Red Sox total runs in the 5 game series against Toronto?
Tatum game 4 points – Bryan’s Pick
Red Sox runs vs Toronto –

2 – Which will be higher? The lengths ahead of the 2nd place horse for the winner of the Kentucky Derby Saturday or number of innings pitched Saturday by Jeffrey Springs of the Red Sox?
Derby Winner lengths – Bryan’s Pick
Springs Innings Pitched –

3 – Which will be greater? The winning time of the Kentucky Derby or the time remaining in game 7 of the NHL when the game winning goal is scored? (There may not be a game 7, so that number would be 0)
Kentucky Derby winning time –
Game 7 game winning time – Bryan’s Pick

4 – Which is higher? The finish position of Austin Dillion in the NASCAR race at Darlington Sunday or the points scored by Kelsey Mitchell of the Indiana Fever in the WNBA Saturday against Connecticut?
Austin Dillon Finish – Bryan’s Pick
Kelsey Mitchell Points –

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