The listeners have a one game lead over Bryan Stackpole heading in to our seventh week of these prop bets. Get your votes in on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Prop Bets == 9/18/2020
1 – Which will be higher? Points scored by Jamal Murray for the Nuggets in Game 2 against the Lakers or points scored by the Kansas City Chiefs against the Chargers?
Jamal Murray Points –
KC Chiefs Points – Bryan’s Pick

2 – Which will be higher? Margin of victory between #17 Miami against #18 Louisville college football Saturday or Red Sox runs against Yankees Saturday?
Miami/Louisville margin – Bryan’s Pick
Red Sox runs vs Yankees –

3 – Which rookie pitcher records the most strikeouts in the Red Sox/Yankees game Sunday? Tanner Houck or Deivi Garcia?
Tanner Houck –
Deivi Garcia – Bryan’s Pick

New York Yankees v New York Mets - Game Two
Getty Images

4 – Which will be higher? The passing yards for Trevor Lawrence for Clemson against The Citadel or Alex Verdugo’s season batting average at the end of the weekend series against the Yankees?
Lawrence’s passing yards –
Verdugo’s batting average – Bryan’s Pick

Boston Red Sox v Miami Marlins
Getty Images

5 – Which will be higher? Total goals scored between the New England Revolution and NYC FC in the MLS Saturday or New England Patriots touchdown scoring drives against Seattle Sunday?
MLS Goals Saturday –
Patriots Touchdowns - Bryan’s Pick

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