Alex Barth of 98.5 The Sports Hub joined The Morning Line for a quick tour around the top stories of all four pro teams in Boston.

We started our chat covering the Boston Red Sox and their final six games of the regular season, should fans have expected anything more than what came about for this 2020 season, or did every one get exactly what was planned by the franchise? And it didn't even end with the number one draft pick.

The Celtics are down 2 games to 1 against the Miami Heat, can they dig out of that hole? Was it a good thing there was a bit of a blow up in the locker room after game two? And are the headlines correct, was it just directed at Jayson Tatum?

We hit the New England Patriots and what they look like after week two, and Alex addresses the play of Cam Newton at quarterback, and how his play is impacting everything for the team including the coaching staff.

We also briefly hit on the Boston Bruins at the end, especially on the play of Zdeno Chara and will he return to the B's for next season.

Codie McLachlan, Getty Images

We covered all of that and more in our conversation with Alex.

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