Wednesday, October 5th was the last day of the 2022 MLB Regular Season. It marked the last broadcast of Hall-of-Famer Dennis Eckersley who retired from the booth.

The Red Sox produced a fantastic video that was played during the game honoring Eckersley.

Red Sox fans have been blessed to have such announcers as Eckersley and the late Jerry Remy bringing games on TV into our homes.

We are certainly going to miss Eck and his special way of describing baseball. Gone are such catch phrases

  • Cheese - a Fastball
  • High Cheese - A high fastball
  • Paint: - A pitch that catches the edge of the strike zone
  • Gas - A high velocity fasstball
  • Gas Masterson: - A flame thrower
  • Pair of Shoes - A called strike 3 looking
  • Closet full of Shoes - A pitcher with a lot of called strike 3's
  • Johnson - A home run
  • Bridge - A home run
  • Bases Drunk - Bases loaded
  • Hair: A high velocity fastball
  • Salad: A slow pitch

Thanks to "The Ecktionary" on Twitter for the definitions.

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