No wonder the Boston Red Sox were so happy after winning the World Series in October. Along with all the accolades, trophies and rings comes a record amount of players' pool money. How does almost $32-milliion sound?

Most of that gets split into shares worth $416,837 each. There are some partial awards and some cash bonuses paid out as well.

The total amount of money that goes to the players from all playoff teams is a record amount - over $88-million. So every player on every team that made the playoffs gets something.

The players' pool money comes from a percentage of gate receipts from the wild card games, the first three games of the divisional round, and the first four games of the league championship series and World Series.

World Series champions: Red Sox (pool: $31,747,908.06; full share: $416,837.72). The Red Sox issued 66 full shares, 10.025 partial shares and eight cash awards.

NL champions: Dodgers (pool: $21,165,272.04; full share: $262,027.49) The Dodgers issued 67 full shares, 13.29 partial shares and 24 cash awards.

World Series - Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Five
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