We have our weekly winner and our 2016 winner in this week's Pro Football Pick'em!

First things first. Our Week 17 winners is Cory McAvoy of Bangor. He was one of five people tied at 14-2. But Corey came the closest in picking the total score of the Packers-Lions game, predicting 61 points when 55 were scored. He wins a $50 NFL gift card.

Now, for the 2016 winner ... You know him as Dobsieguide, but the winner of the 2016 Pigskin Pick 'Em is [drum roll] ... Steve Norris of Orrington!

As it so often does, it came down to the last week. After being tied with Cheryl Bushee of Garland going into the final week, Norris went 12-4, Bushee went 10-6. Norris finishes at 176-80.

He wins our grand prize of a Buffalo Wild Wings party for you and your friends for the Big Game in February and a shot at $10,000!

In the battle between our morning and afternoon shows, the boys at the Drive pulled away in the final week, finishing with a 161-95 record,  with the Pitch finishing at 150-106.

Stay tuned as we hear what our 2016 winner is predicting for the Big Game and whether or not he'll take home ten grand.


Here are our weekly winners:

  • Week 17: Cory McAvoy of Bangor ($50 NFL Shop)
  • Week 16: Arthur Terrill of Orono (4) box seats to UM basketball.
  • Week 15: Fred Stewart of Brewer ($50 NFL Shop)
  • Week 14: Brian Tracy of Brewer ($50 NFL Shop)
  • Week 13: Scott MacDonald of Brewer (4 box seats to UM women vs. Dartmouth.)
  • Week 12: Brandon Portwyne of Brewer (4 box seats UM Men vs. Holy Cross)
  • Week 11: Donald Hart of Holden (4 box seats UM Men vs. Central Conn.)
  • Week 10: David Smith of Winterport (4 box seats UM Men vs. Central Conn.)
  • Week 9: Paul Speed of Corinth ($50 Dick's Sporting Goods)
  • Week 8: Chris Putnam of Hermon ($50 Dick's Sporting Goods)
  • Week 7: Nathan Cooper of St. Albans ($50 Olympia Sports)
  • Week 6: Craig Winslow of Lincoln ($50 Olympia Sports)
  • Week 5: Michael DaCosta of Southwest Harbor ($50 Dick's Sporting Goods)
  • Week 4: Darryl Monteith of Glenburn ($50 Dick's Sporting Goods)
  • Week 3: Raymond Sprague of Bangor ($50 Buffalo Wild Wings)
  • Week 2: Jim Sutherland of Lincoln ($50 Buffalo Wild Wings)
  • Week 1: Michael DaCosta of Southwest Harbor ($50 Buffalo Wild Wings)

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