Josue Pavon of CLNS Media joined The Morning Line to break down all that happened in the game 1 overtime loss and provide a little therapy at the same time.

We covered a lot of topics in our conversation.

Josue thinks the Toronto Raptors may have exposed some weaknesses of the Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat have a road map based on the last series of how to exploit those and take advantage of those weaknesses.

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Josue believes the tide has changed and this is Jayson Tatum's team and much like the Paul Pierce era of the Boston Celtics, the ball will be in the hands of Tatum now at the end of the games and he will either take the shot at the end, or he will make the decision of who takes that last shot now as the Celtics leader and best player. Josue believes Tatum has earned that responsibility at this point in his NBA Career and fans should understand the final shot runs through the guy wearing the number 0 jersey.

We also looked ahead to game two of the series and how Boston can even it up at one game each, Josue looks at the lack of defensive effort in the fourth quarter for the Celtics and that is where the change has to be made for Boston to get this series back to 1-1.

We cover all of those topics and more as "Dr." Josue Pavon helps us peel away at the issues the Celtics had in their 117-114 loss to Miami in the opener of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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