NBC Sports Boston has a weekly feature called "What If Wednesdays," In it, they examine some of the best "what ifs" in recent Boston sports history.

Last week, they examined what Tom Brady's impact would've been on the 2020 New England Patriots through the context of Strat-O-Matic's simulations. Hint: it was better than the 7-9, 3rd place in the AFC East reality New England faced.

This week, the topic was Kevin Durant. Specifically, his near-signing with the Boston Celtics during the 2016 off-season before ultimately joining the Golden State Warriors where he would win a pair of titles.

So, had KD chosen Boston, would there be another banner in the rafters? Would the C's have still drafted Jayson Tatum the following year? Would Jaylen Brown be the player he is today, or would he have taken on more of a role player role behind one of the game's best?

Take a listen to find out -


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