The fight for Tool of the Week this time around is one pitting a show-boater against a man that may turn away from $14 million in 2016.

UMiami Hurricane baseball player Edgar Michelangeli ruffled some feathers on Sunday afternoon with his admiration of a grand slam in the series clinching win to advance the ‘Canes to the College World Series.  Michelangeli took his time down the first base line and flipped his bat in a way that would make Jose Bautista jealous.  The result of the show boating almost caused Miami and Boston College to come to blows after the benches cleared.

Denver Broncos defensive linebacker Von Miller is willing to leave $14 million on the table to avoid agreeing to the franchise tag placed on him for 2016.  Denver has already reportedly offered a six-year, $114.5 million contract with $39 million guaranteed that has been rebuffed by Miller’s agent.  The linebacker reportedly wants to receive more money than any other defensive player in history.  Miller also looked petty when he cut out general manager John Elway out of a picture on his Instagram account.

So we pose the question: is Michelangeli’s bat flip or Miller’s childish nature the better candidate for our Tool of the Week!