From an offseason on a budget to the Alex Cora suspension and the firing of Ron Roenicke this was a strange season for the Boston Red Sox.

We tried to make sense of it all with Jake Devereaux of Over The Monster podcast, and Jake being the optimist looked for some positive notes for the year.

We talked about some of the young pitchers like Nick Pivetta, and Tanner Houck. Jake thinks one of those two showed promise, but he isn't sold on the other one making an impact on the Red Sox pitching staff in the future.

But with the teams drafting in front of Boston and looking at their history, Jake thinks there could be a glimmer of hope for the Red Sox to still wind up with one of the two top pitchers in the upcoming draft.

And will there be a familiar name returning to the dugout for the Sox next season? And could one familiar name be leaving Boston?

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We covered all of that and more in our conversation with Jake Devereaux about the 2020 Boston Red Sox season.

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