Don't ask how...Just ask how many? The Red Sox got torched by possible playoff opponent Houston 12-2 but their magic number to clinch the division got reduced to one because the Yankees lost too.

The Astros hit any pitcher the Sox put out there, including starter Eduardo Rodriguez who got the hook in the second inning.

E-Rod and seven other Red Sox pitchers gave up 12 runs, 17 hits and six walks.

Carlos Correa led the charge with four hits and three RBI. Jose Altuve had three hits. Eight out of nine starters had at least one hit.

And yet the Sox mustered only six hits. One was a Mitch Moreland home run.

Despite the somber feel around Fenway, the Sox actually closed in on the division title. The Yankees lost to Tampa Bay 9-6 and that leaves that magic number at one.

A Sox win or a Yankee loss in the last three days gives Boston the AL East title.

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