Police Urge Parents To Postpone Until Nov. 3

City officials in Bangor are officially discouraging trick-or-treaters from hitting the streets on Halloween, instead urging parents to postpone their celebration of the holiday.

"The lack of street lighting and house lighting combined with low hanging power lines and storm debris contribute to unsafe trick or treating conditions in Bangor this evening," Mark Hathaway, Bangor police chief, said in a statement. "Parents are encouraged to consider postponing trick-or-treating activities until Friday, November 3, when power is presumed to be restored."

Bangor still has about 9,500 households without power, according to the latest update from Emera. Maple Street, a popular destination on Halloween night, is still without power.

When kids do go trick-or-treating in Bangor, here are some of the best places to go.

City officials in Old Town also discouraged trick-or-treating, citing safety concerns.

With much of Brewer still in the dark, police on Tuesday did not officially discourage trick-or-treating, but suggested the following:

  • Consider indoor events.
  • If you choose to trick or treat, we recommend going early while there is still natural light available.
  • For those that do choose to go after dark, use extra caution and choose only well-lit neighborhoods with power.

Meanwhile, in Hampden, officials said they have surveyed the town and see no reason kids shouldn't trick-or-treat.

"Power has been restored to the vast majority of popular Halloween locations in town," reads the statement from Hampden. "Obviously, watch kids carefully and stay clear of all wires and lines."

Crews are working to restore power to affected areas, and aim to have service restored by Saturday. The wind storm that swept through much of Maine knocked out power to more than 500,000 Maine households. 

The postponement will surely disappoint many kids. But, here's the bright side! You get to trick-or-treat on Friday (instead of a school night!) Plus, if you don't have your costuem just right, you have a few more days to get it together.

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