ESPN senior writer Seth Wickersham, who gorged on any reported turmoil or strife within the walls of One Patriots Place, Foxborough, Mass, 02035, from the Deflategate days through the Brady-Belichick schism, is set to release a new book on the "secretive organization."

"It's Better To Be Feared" is set to hit bookshelves on October 12 and is filled with juicy and sensational nuggets about the final years of the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

The book tells all the familiar tales we've heard over the last 18 months. It talks of a frayed relationship between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, of how Bill couldn't be bothered to meet with Brady in-person before TB12's eventual exit.

All of which are accounts from unnamed sources.

Okay, I admit, I might be just a tad bias and quick in my rush to defend the wall. But when asked about some of the reports today at his press conference, Belichick said, "Yeah, that's not true. I've heard a few things about this book and it sounds like a lot of second, third and fourth-hand comments."

Normally Bill wouldn't give such a topic the time of day. Maybe these stories are so ludicrous the head coach simply couldn't help himself but to shoot down their credibility.

Despite all of this, I'm also not going to sit here and pretend things were rosy at the end.

After 20 years together, both parties needed a change. One left, one stayed, and parts of Patriots Nation (the ones that are put down by people who feel they're better than ever making an exception to root for a player over the team, no matter what that player may have accomplished or provided over the years) have found themselves caught in the middle, unsure where their allegiance falls.

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