Hour 1 -

(24:59) - Matthew Stafford told the Detroit Lions to trade him anywhere except for New England before ultimately getting dealt to the L.A. Rams. Should that worry Patriots' fans?

(6:43) - Headlines be damned, today's Drive Poll: "do you get excited for big snow storms?"

(8:59) - Reacting to the news of Dustin Pedroia's retirement after 14 years with the Red Sox.

(10:07) - Previewing what could be a wild QB carousel in the upcoming NFL off-season and debuting "Big Game Bets."

Hour 2 -

(10:47) - Is anyone paying attention to baseball anymore?

(18:35) - Patriots Insider Phil Perry from NBC Sports Boston joins the show to discuss the Stafford-for-Goff blockbuster and what it means for the Patriots.

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