Listen, I get it. New England Patriots fans are the last people that should be lamenting a poor result on Sunday.

For two decades the Patriots played near-flawless football, and whatever flaws they had were covered up by their GOAT QB.

Now, with so many new faces in the building since the old regime was toppled, these Patriots seem rather anti-Pats.

Whether it's penalties, questionable play calling or turnovers at the most inopportune times, the Patriots of the last two seasons have seemed to get in their own way more often than they've taken care of business.

It's only natural to get a little antsy. Especially when for the second-straight year a Bill Belichick coached team has just two wins in the middle of October. Meanwhile, the Red Sox have turned into a great story, a former-Black Bear is leading the Bruins' charge and the Celtics tip off their season Wednesday night.

Has any of the Pats luster worn off while watching the team go 9-13 over the last 22 games?

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