Baseball games are long and all-too-often tedious affairs. So if you don't hang around for all the action no one can blame you.

But I think there's a case to be made that the once pastime of this country (let's be real, it's not anymore) is better when consumed via radio. That's how it was way back when, when the sport rocketed to the top of pop culture. Wordsmiths kept you engaged with the action while telling stories to fill the dead spots between pitches.

I would never opt to listen to an NFL, NBA or NHL game over watching it on TV, but sometimes it's nice to turn the radio on 92.9 The Ticket and hear Joe Castiglione wax poetic about the Sox. (And no, I promise that's not just a self-serving promo for the station).

What do you think? Is there a certain nostalgia with the game that appeals to radio, or am I just crazy?

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