Julian Edelman is a Patriots legend, no ifs ands or buts about it. But was his remarkable 12-year career with the Patriots, that saw the former-Kent State QB turn into a 3-time Super Bowl champion, a Super Bowl MVP and the most-dangerous slot receiver in the game, enough to earn him a spot with the franchise's most elite?

It's difficult when constructing a Patriots' Mount Rushmore, because instinctively only names from the past 20 years come to mind. It was the Golden Age. It was when the Pats went from a team with virtually no history, to more history than almost any other franchise in the NFL.

It's easy to place Kraft, Belichick and Brady all on the mountain, but that leaves just one spot. That's why I think we need to narrow this conversation to only former-players. From Brady-to-Hannah-to-Cappelletti, retrace the years through Patriots history to find whose faces you'd put up on the mountain side. Among that group, is Edelman deserving of the recognition?

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