Poll #1 is based on Bill Belichick's comments which the head coach made during his weekly radio appearance on WEEI, where the head coach said the Pats "sold out" over the last five years. He's not wrong. The team played in four Super Bowls and won 3 from 2014-2018, a feat any fan of any team in any sport would appreciate. Now, however, it appears the debt has come due with the Pats' lack of talent and wiggle room. So how much goodwill does just one championship, let alone three, earn your favorite team in the year's that follow?

Poll #2 on this Two Poll Tuesday is pretty simple. It's National Sandwich Day. While there will no doubt be disagreements later this evening, let us debate the topics that really matter...cast a vote for your favorite sandwich, or if you don't see one you like, write-in what you prefer.

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