It was a magical setting at Fenway Park last night as the Boston Red Sox handled the New York Yankees 6-2 to claim the AL Wild Card game.

There was a noise in the park, an old noise, that had not been heard in quite some time. One that wasn't quite there in 2018 as the machine-like Sox steamrolled to 119 wins and a World Series title.

A noise that was heard in parts of the 2013 postseason, when the Sox won their first World Series title on home soil in 90+ years. But for 9 innings, it was an atmosphere that felt like the days of old. 2003, 2004. Red Sox. Yankees. And the Sox answered the call.

The 2021 Red Sox are a team that time and time again have gone back to the well of "nobody believed in us this year." Nobody believed in them before the season. Apparently nobody believed in them during the year (even though at one point they were the best team in the American League). And certainly, many doubted if they would even make the playoffs, let alone win a game in October as the club scuffled down the stretch.

Whether it's a tired claim at this point or not, this team has used the sentiment as a rallying cry. And Red Sox baseball has always been better when the team is the underdog. When the deck is stacked against them, when they're taking on an opponent they're not supposed to beat.

That was the team's feeling last night after learning the New York had chosen to come to Fenway in the event of a 4-way tie and escape having to play the Blue Jays. From the play on the field and the support off it, last night seemed like a recipe for success this October as long as everyone involved can duplicate the effort.

So what's Boston's fate this October? Do you still have doubts for the road ahead, or are you beginning to think "why not us?"


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